Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not a big one Mummy

There is a delightful little kids' TV show called Peppa Pig. There's Peppa, there's Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, and Peppa's little brother, George. In one episode, Peppa has a 'secret password' that Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig must guess. This turns out to be 'Daddy's Big Tummy'.

So this evening, as I was putting the girls to bed, my way was blocked, and I tried 'Daddy's Big Tummy', and it worked. Anyone who knows James will understand the irony of this password in our household. On the way back out of the room my way was blocked by a different daughter, and the password had changed. So, naturally enough I tried 'Mummy's Big Bottom', and it worked.

Middle daughter got the giggles.
"Daddy doesn't have a big tummy!" She said.
"No," I assented, "he doesn't".

There proceeded a longish pause before I added the predictable self-doubting dialogue.
"I notice you didn't say that Mummy doesn't have a big bottom," I said.
"No," assented the Assessor.
"Does this mean you think my bottom is big?" I ventured.
"No," she assured me, "not very big."
I felt relieved. Until she continued thus: "It's not a very, very, very, VERY big one Mummy."


And this may be why I have a certain fondness for my laptop right now; it lets me choose my own passwords.


  1. I enjoyed this so much I searched for the 'Like' button and then realised this isn't facebook (maybe I spend too much time on the Face of Book)

  2. Love it sal. I tried to 'like' it to :) xxx Lou

  3. Sally you should write books. No matter the topic, you use words so well that reading them would be enjoyable.

  4. Thanks girls.
    Catherine, I would love to. Perhaps that will be the eventual goal.

  5. You definitely need to install a facebook "Like" button on this blog, Sal. I'll like it all over town.

    And that's me seconding the desperate cry for a book, please. x

  6. Beautiful writing and so close to the bone it is not funny...well, it is a bit! - Becfog :)

  7. Ok. Have installed the silly 'like' box. There's also a 'not like' option!

    Bec, it took me ages to realise you'd made a Peppa Pig reference there!



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