Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Idea for a sausage..."

A Long Time After

A bit of a working title. It's an idea James and I have had, to write (perhaps together?) about our experiences of depression. It sounds depressing, I know, but the idea would be to make it extremely practical and readable; something that anyone could pick up and get something out of. Anyone who would like to know more about depressive illness, parenting, marriage, and surviving all three. And all the bits in between.

The working title comes from something one of the girls said...about them being born so close together, and their brother being "a long time after". One reason for a larger age gap between second and third children was my first incidence of depression, which began during my second pregnancy, but was only diagnosed when my second baby was about two months old. 

It also has to do with the fact that sometimes we only have profound realisations "a long time after" events. Just as we only think of that witty riposte long after we have finished a banter with someone, our brains often continue covertly to cogitate on happenings, only dishing up 'the goods' later on.

So, just as Kel Knight on Kath and Kim dictated his "idea for a sausage" using his trusty dictaphone, I intend to use this space to start some drafting.

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