Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloud Baklava

Baklava is one of the best Greek inventions ever. I have not researched that. So I do apologise if I've just stepped on some cultural toes and insulted whatever other worthy civilisation actually invented it. But you get the point. Whoever thought of putting rosewater-lemon-mint-syrup together with pistachios and pastry is a genius of the highest order. 

And it was this dessert that I was reminded of a few mornings ago as I watched the sunrise from the comfort of my bed...


Every flaky pastry layer of cloud was glossed with its own syrup-ribbon of rainbow. All the spectrum colours were shifting and reflecting off the muted but still-gorgeous purplegreyblues of the clouds.

I had been admiring those greys. Looking at how much detail was in them. The light and depth, and the different shades present in even those few colours.

I sat up - I couldn't help it. And for framing, the dark fence of Melaleuca ericifolia was in view. Beneath those tea-trees, a plethora of grasses and marshy wetland plants were obscured by whitey frost. 

And suddenly the close gathered trunks of Melaleuca were lit through with flooding sun, and I wanted to leap out there in my pyjamas and hide away with all the colours. 

Then there was a small triangle of blue sky light in the heavy gold grey clouds. I could almost see the Lorax being lifted up by the seat of his pants.

Porridge and tea arrived, and I realised that I had not even glimpsed the river yet. Unsure how I would survive this surfeit of beauty, I took a sip of tea and ruffled my bed hair for contented contrast.



  1. Gorgeous Sal. Even sounds delectable to a cholesterol avoider!

  2. Ummm, YUMMMMM!!!! I'm with you about baklava and beautiful mornings! Sounds like you live in a special place, Sally.



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